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Hybrid Long Term Care Deadline March 25th

by Jack Lenenberg

Long Term Care Insurance Genworth Privileged Choice Flex

Securian has announced a March 25th deadline to lock in current rates on its best selling SecureCare hybrid long term care policy.

Rates on the new policy, SecureCare III, are expected to be at least 20% higher for comparable benefits available on the current SecureCare policy.  In Florida, rates are expected to jump at least 35% for comparable benefits.

Rates are changing in all states on March 25th except AZ, CA, CT, DC, DE, IN, MT, ND, NY and SD.

To lock in current pricing applications must be signed and submitted by 3:00 PM Central Time on Friday March 25th.

Securian SecureCare has been one of the best hybrid long term care plans in the marketplace since its introduction 5 years ago.

The overall flexibility that Securian SecureCare provides at its current pricing is unmatched.

  • 100% cash indemnity
  • 100% Return of Premium
  • Overseas Coverage

SecureCare offers 100% cash indemnity benefits should you need care. Receipts are not required to be submitted for you to receive your maximum monthly benefits. All informal care is covered for you, including care by your family.  

Your entire total policy amount is available for you overseas should you require international care.  

And, best of all, should your circumstances change, you may receive 100% of your premium returned to you (5 year vesting schedule) should you wish to cancel your policy.

At its current pricing there are no alternative hybrid long term care policies that offer this amount of flexibility.

The biggest change that we expect with the new SecureCare III policy will certainly be with the 100% cash surrender value benefit. 

On the new forthcoming policy Securian will design its policy similar to its direct competitor, the Nationwide CareMatters II policy.  

Securian will offer 1) a maximum LTC option called LTC Boost; and 2) a Full Return of Premium option.

Securian is expected to price the Full Return of Premium option significantly higher, as Nationwide has already done. 

I recognize that you might not intend to ever request your premium back, however your needs and circumstances can change and it is certainly nice to have maximum Return of Premium flexibility built-in to your policy if needed.  On March 25th, this 100% Return of Premium option on the new Securian Securian SecureCare policy will most likely be priced high enough for no one to want to include it, such with the Nationwide CareMatters II policy currently.

Additional pricing changes on the core life insurance, long term care insurance, and inflation protection options will occur as well.

Undoubtedly the 5% compound inflation protection option will be repriced.

SecureCare has always been ultra competitive on the 5% compound inflation protection option for men.  I expect this 5% compound inflation protection factor will also be priced much higher, especially with current low interest rate environment. I will have access to the new pricing on March 14th to determine how much the new pricing is changing relative to the current policy.

Price Increase DeadlineIf you are in good health and have been considering a hybrid long term care policy, now will be a good time to move forward.

Please call me at (800) 891-5824 to receive customized illustrations (from Securian and any additional underwriters that interest you) and to complete your application before the March 25th deadline. or complete your online quote request.

We generally need 10-15 minutes by phone to complete your application.  It is an easy process. I look forward to hearing from you.

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