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Securian SecureCare III Pays Cash Indemnity LTC

Securian Minnesota Life Secure Care Hybrid Long Term Care Insurance
Securian SecureCare is a top-selling hybrid long term care insurance policy. Hybrid LTC insurance policies have become extremely popular over the past 10 years.  With hybrid LTC insurance, you will receive: 

  1. tax-free long term care benefits should you need care; 
  2. life insurance benefits to your estate should long term care not be needed; and 
  3. a return of your premium should you change your mind and want to cancel your coverage 

The Securian SecureCare policy was initially introduced in 2017. It is underwritten by Minnesota Life Insurance Company (A+ rated AM Best).

The value proposition of Securian SecureCare is exceptional today.

  • SecureCare provides 100% cash indemnity benefits.  
  • SecureCare provides very strong inflation protection options
  • SecureCare is currently exceptionally priced when compared to similar policies

If you are seeking a flexible inflation-adjusted long term care policy, the Securian SecureCare policy will be on your very short list of long-term care insurance policies to consider.

2023 Securian SecureCare III Review

Securian SecureCare III Features and Benefits

Issue ages: 40 - 75, Pricing at actual age. Backdating to save age rates apply with applications submitted within 30 days after a birthday.

Classes: Non-Tobacco Standard, Non-Tobacco Couples Discount; Tobacco Standard, Tobacco Couples Discount

Premiums: Securian SecureCare III premiums are guaranteed. Premiums may be paid as a Single Pay, 5 Pay, 7 Pay, 10 Pay or 15 Pay

Amount of coverage: Minimum specified amount of life insurance is $50,000. Maximum specified amount of life insurance is $500,000

Inflation protection: You may help protect your retirement savings with optional compound inflation protection that will increase your long-term care benefits. Select an annual automatic increase of 3% compound, 5% simple or 5% compound for an additional cost. Your long term care benefits will continue to grow while you are on claim and receiving benefits.

Return of Premium: Securian offers 3 Return of Premium Options: LTC Boost, 75% and Vesting.

Elimination Period - Once eligible for benefits, there is a 90 calendar day deductible or waiting period for long term care benefits to begin. This elimination period will only need to be satisfied once per lifetime.

International benefits - SecureCare provides coverage outside the United States.  100% of your pool of money is available paid out to you as a 50% cash indemnity benefit of your maximum monthly benefit

What Services are covered by Securian SecureCare III?

Home and community-based Services

Adult day care - Social and health-related services by a state or a licensed and certified program in a group setting.

Caregiver training - will cover the expenses to train an informal caregiver when part of an approved plan of care

Home and community health care - services provided within your home or community settings

Home modification - labor, equipment and supplies to your home to allow you to safely remain at home such as widening a doorway, or building a ramp for a wheelchair

Household services - necessary assistance with the instrumental activities of daily living such as meal preparation, light housekeeping, transportation to/from medical appointments included in a plan of care.

Informal care - care provided to you by unlicensed individuals i your home such as family or friends

Facility based services

Assisted living - a state licensed facility providing continuous room and board and personal care services to chronically ill individuals

Hospice-provides benefits for the terminal phase of life

Nursing home care- a licensed facility that provides 24 hour a day nursing care to chronically ill individuals

Respite care - care services in the insured's home to provide temporary relief for the primary caregiver

Other Services

International benefits outside the United States - SecureCare III provides benefits for care received outside of the United States. 50% of the monthly benefit and 100% of the Total Benefit Amount is available internationally.

Securian SecureCare III Benefit Eligibility

You are eligible to receive SecureCare policy benefits once your licensed health care practitioner certifies that you are chronically ill and unable to perform at least two activities of daily living (bathing, eating, dressing, toileting, transferring, continence) for a period of least 90 days. You will also be considered chronically ill if you are certified by your licensed health care practitioner that you have a severe cognitive impairment such as Alzheimer's or senile dementia and you require substantial supervision to protect you from threats to your health and safety. Once you are eligible and with a submitted plan of care you will receive cash indemnity benefits equal to your monthly maximum long term care benefit. Proof of loss forms and receipts will not be required for you to receive your benefits.

Tax Deductibility of Securian SecureCare III Premiums

SecureCare III is structured to offer you long term care insurance tax deductions of its premiums. SecureCare III separately identifies the premiums for the acceleration of long term care benefits rider; the extension of long term care benefits rider, and the inflation protection. These (3) contractual components are considered tax-qualified LTC insurance and are tax deductible subject to IRC guidelines.

Income Tax Free Benefits

Income tax-free life insurance benefits - If you never need long term care and all planned premiums are paid to keep your policy in-force, a death benefit is paid to your beneficiaries, income tax-free under Internal Revenue Code Section 101(a)(1).

Income tax-free LTC benefits - Benefits are generally paid income tax-free under Internal Revenue Code 104(a)(3). Choose between a minimum of 3-7 years of long term care benefits based on the duration of the long term care benefits rider option that you choose. Long term care coverage will continue as long as you remain eligible or until your entire long term care benefit is exhausted

Securian (Minnesota Life) Financial Ratings

Is Securian/Minnesota Life a strong financially stable company? Yes, Minnesota Life is exceptionally strong.  Minnesota Life is domiciled in St. Paul, MN and was first established in 1880.  Minnesota Life has 56 Billion in assets.  Minnesota Life has the following financial ratings from the major rating agencies:

  • AM Best A+
  • Standard and Poor's AA-
  • Moody's Aa3
  • Fitch AA
  • Comdex Percentile 96/100

How does Securian SecureCare III compare to similar hybrid long term care insurance policies?

Securian SecureCare III is an exceptional value for hybrid long term care policies in September 2023.

For example, let's take a quick look at single premium options for married 60 year old couples.

$100,000 premium deposit, 60 year old married female, 6 year benefit periods

  • Securian SecureCare $5589 month, 3% compound inflation, 100% cash indemnity
  • Nationwide CareMatters $5348 Month, 3% compound inflation 100% cash indemnity
  • Lincoln Moneyguard $5083 month, 3% compound inflation, 100% reimbursement

$100,000 premium deposit, 60 year old married male, 6 year benefit periods

  • Securian SecureCare III $6489 month, 3% compound inflation, 100% cash indemnity
  • Nationwide CareMatters II $6385 Month, 3% compound inflation, 100% cash indemnity
  • Lincoln Moneyguard $6092 month, 3% compound inflation, 100% reimbursement

As you can see, the numbers are very close. The Securian SecureCare III policy will provide you with the highest initial monthly benefit of all policies offering individual coverage in 2023. Nationwide and Lincoln will have more flexible elimination period language than Securian, however.

Securian SecureCare III along with Nationwide CareMatters II are the most flexible policies for home care needs for you as 100% cash indemnity models.  

Securian and Nationwide will not require you to submit receipts for reimbursement such as will New York Life Asset Flex and Lincoln Moneyguard Fixed Advantage.  

If you are seeking an inflation adjusted LTC policy with a limited benefit period such as 6 to 8 years of coverage, the Securian SecureCare III policy will be on your very short list, if you are healthy enough to qualify. Of course, if you want to receive Lifetime Unlimited LTC benefits you will need to apply to OneAmerica for its Asset Care policy with the Lifetime LTC rider.

What is the underwriting process like to be approved for Securian SecureCare III?

Securian SecureCare III has a streamlined underwriting process. Securian will require you to complete a telephone health interview only.  Exams are not required. Your telephone health interview will last approximately 45 minutes and will consist of a cognitive screening exercise to test your short term memory. Securian will also electronically order a prescription drug report to view your prescribed medications. Once your interview is completed I will usually receive your underwriting decision within 3 business days. The Securian underwriting process is very quick. If your application is approved your policy will be issued and mailed to you for your acceptance and premium payment. If your application is declined you will receive written notification of the reasons for your decline.

You may appeal an unfavorable outcome.

For this reason alone your choice of insurance agent is critical. You will want to work with an experienced long term care insurance agent (like myself!). I have overturned numerous declined applications with appeals over the past 23 years. Most insurance agents do not know how to navigate unfavorable outcomes and will simply give up.

Securian SecureCare III Underwriting Considerations - Should you Submit Your Application?

Timing is everything with LTC insurance applications.  If you are currently receiving medical treatment or if you have a medical procedure pending you may want to wait to submit your application. Here are a few disqualifying conditions.

If you have received any joint injections in the past 6 months, you should review your injection history with myself to be pre-qualified.

If you are currently receiving any physical therapy or receiving more than 2x month chiropractic care, you should wait at last 30 days past your last physical therapy treatment and receive a release from care.

If you have any surgery scheduled in the next 6 months, you will need to complete your surgery, be fully recovered, and satisfy a 90 day stability period.

If you are currently being evaluated for a medical condition, you will need to complete all evaluations with a diagnosis.

These situations will often postpone an approval of your application.

Securian SecureCare III Disqualifying Health Conditions

Securian underwrites long term care applications conservatively as many LTC underwriters will today.  Health conditions that will result in a declined application are alcohol use (such as admitted 3+ drinks per day, 3-4 x week)  congestive heart failure, rheumatoid arthritis with steroid use or a prescribed biologic agent; Type I diabetes, organ transplant recipient, collecting disability payments, cardiomyopathy with the past 3 years, TIA within the past 6 month, stroke within the past 12 months, Parkinson's, muscular dystrophy, multiple sclerosis, memory impairment, oxygen use, BMI less than 17 or greater than 42; dialysis or chronic kidney disease; osteoporosis with fractures; history of falls due to dizziness, or multiple falls within past 36 months; implantable defibrillator; cancer within 3 years of completion of treatment (other than skin, breast, colon, prostate, or lung).

Find Your Best Hybrid Long Term Care Insurance Policy

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