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While working with another broker on a LTCI policy that didn't quite gibe with me (not their fault - I really pushed them into the most minimum LCTI they could put together), I decided to seek a second opinion. I ran across Jack's website and contact information. Jack immediately got on the phone with me and identified a much better product that suited my needs. Not only did the plan make sense, but he put my concerns to rest. I was very transparent and told Jack I was already working with someone else. No problem! He was happy to help even if it wasn't going to result in money in his pocket! I highly recommend that everyone talk to Jack, even if you don't think you need or want a policy. Jack will walk you through the numbers and if it makes sense, you'll know, without any sales talk or pressure to buy. He sincerely wants you to be happy. I really appreciated the time Jack spent with me, going above and beyond expectations.


Joyce Fowler, Seattle, WA