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Long Term Care Insurance Planning in California

| Jack Lenenberg

The Cost of Long Term Care in California

California MapThe cost of receiving long term care services in California is very expensive.  Whether you plan to pay for these costs out of your own retirement savings or whether you plan to buy long term care...

Long Term Care Insurance State Partnership Programs

| Jack Lenenberg

What is the Long Term Care Insurance Partnership Program?

The original Long Term Care Insurance Partnership program was developed in 4 States in 1992: California, Indiana, Connecticut, and New York.Long Term Care Insurance Partnership Plans Program

With the number of elderly Americans...

Long Term Care Insurance Partnership Plans to the Rescue

| Jack Lenenberg

What would happen financially to your spouse or your partner if financially if you were to require long term care?
Medicare and private health insurance do not pay for long term care. And Medicaid requires you to spend down to $2000 in assets to...

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