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Arthritis and Long Term Care Insurance Underwriting

| Jack Lenenberg

Arthritis Long Term Care Underwriting

Arthritis history, for long term care insurance underwriters, is a diagnosis that must be carefully underwritten.

In recent long term care claims data prepared by the Society of Actuaries arthritis is the leading cause by diagnosis for home...

Heart Disease and Long Term Care Insurance Underwriting

| Jack Lenenberg

Heart Attack Long Term Care Insurance

Long term care insurance underwriting is vastly different from life insurance underwriting or even health insurance underwriting.  We receive many calls from individuals with a prior history of a heart attack,...

Underwriting Stroke History for Long Term Care Insurance

| Jack Lenenberg

Stroke Long Term Care

Can a stroke survivor qualify for long term care insurance?

While problematic, it is possible to obtain long term care insurance with stroke history.

A stroke is the second leading cause of long term care insurance claims...

Diabetes and Long Term Care Insurance

| Jack Lenenberg

Long Term Care Insurance DiabetesLong Term Care Insurance Underwriting for Diabetics

Data released in January 2021 according to the National Diabetes Fact Sheet states that 19 million people in the United States are diagnosed with diabetes.

As it relates to the long-term care...

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