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AARP Genworth Long Term Care Insurance Review

by Jack Lenenberg

AARP Genworth Long Term Care Insurance Policy

AARP is the largest organization in the United States for individuals over the age of 50, with over 40 million members.

We are often asked by our clients "How good is the AARP Genworth long term care insurance policy?"

To answer this question, it is important to first understand what AARP is.

AARP is a for-profit marketing organization that contracts with insurance companies to market insurance to its large member base.  AARP does not sell or underwrite insurance.  It is simply a distribution channel for life insurance companies to pitch their products.

For life insurance, AARP has an agreement with New York Life. 

For homeowners insurance, AARP endorses The Hartford. 

If you need a Medicare supplement, AARP has a marketing agreement with United Health Care.

For long term care insurance, AARP currently endorses Genworth Financial.

So, is the AARP Genworth long term care insurance policy a good policy?

Yes.  We believe Genworth offers an excellent long term care insurance policy. 

The AARP Genworth policy is a very comprehensive policy.

The AARP Genworth long term care insurance policy includes monthly benefits, and may include a zero day home care waiting period, and a paid-up spousal survivorship benefit.  These long term care insurance policy benefits are valuable.

2016 Update:  AARP now endorses NY Life long term care insurance.  The New York Life policy is (by far) the most expensive long term care insurance policy ever.  It is a terrible value for the consumer.  Buyer beware.

Just outrageous:  The NY Life Secure Care LTC policy "endorsed" by AARP

Compare AARP long term care insurance with all available policies

Long term care insurance costs are based upon many factors including your age, your health history and your marital status.  Each underwriter  looks at health history differently. 

Thus, it pays to work with an independent long term care insurance specialist that is familiar with all of the various health underwriting guidelines.

Genworth is one of the many long term care insurance companies LTC Partner works with. To receive your free long term care insurance comparison quotes from many of the leading long-term care insurance companies including Genworth, Mass Mutual, Mutual of Omaha, John Hancock, Transamerica, United of Omaha, and others please call us toll free at 800-891-5824 or submit your quote request form through our website.

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