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Clark Howard Long Term Care Insurance Advice

by Jack Lenenberg

Clark Howard advises to buy long term care insurance from a highly rated company

Clark Howard Long Term Care Insurance TipsClark Howard is an Atlanta, Georgia-based nationally syndicated radio and TV consumer advocate (as well as a dead-ringer for me such that everyone mistook me for Clark when I moved to Atlanta in 1994). 

Clark Howard advises his listeners on how to save money, spend less and avoid getting ripped off. 

For many years, Clark Howard has long been a proponent of buying long term care insurance, especially for those individuals in their 50's and 60's.

Long term care insurance pays for the care that you might receive as you grow older, either in your home, assisted living facilities or in a nursing home.

Many people mistakenly believe that their health insurance or Medicare will pay for their long term care services. However, they will not.

And Medicaid will require you to become indigent before it will pitch in.

The solution, says Clark Howard, is to buy long term care insurance.  But don't just shop price, says Clark Howard.  Buy long term care insurance from a solid company, one that has an A++ or A+ rating from AM Best.

Clark Howard's Long Term Care Insurance Honor Roll

Honor Roll  (AM Best Rating)

Mass Mutual A++

New York Life   A++

Northwestern Mutual Life A++

Honorable Mention

Mutual of Omaha  A+

Transamerica A+

Clark Howard's Long Term Care Insurance Buying Tips

  1. Buy from companies rated A++ or A+ from AM Best
  2. The prime age to buy long term care insurance is in your 50's or 60's.
  3. If you do not have a lot of assets, do not buy long term care insurance.
  4. Use an independent long term care insurance specialist to help you shop for long term care insurance can save you a lot of time and money.Long Term Care Insurance Clark Howard

LTC Partner agrees with Clark Howard that long term care insurance is a smart decision for many people.  As Clark recommends, LTC Partner is an independent long term care insurance agency.  We can help you shop for quotes with all of the long term care insurance companies on Clark Howard's LTC Honor Roll, as well as other companies available in your state.

To receive your free long term care insurance quotes and side-by-side comparisons of the best rated providers  please contact us at 1-800-891-5824.  Or simply complete our long term care insurance quote request form.

We will help you shop smart and save.

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