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Diabetes and Long Term Care Insurance

by Jack Lenenberg

Long Term Care Insurance Diabetes

Long Term Care Insurance Underwriting for Diabetics

Data released in January 2021 according to the National Diabetes Fact Sheet states that 19 million people in the United States are diagnosed with diabetes.

As it relates to the long-term care insurance industry over 23 percent of Americans over age 60 suffer from diabetes, including 25% of long term health care facility residents.  In fact, nursing home and assisted living facility residents with diabetes have an average of 6.4 major diagnoses compared to only 2.4 diagnoses for non-diabetics.

As such, it can be expected that LTC insurance underwriters may be somewhat cautious in approving coverage for applicants with diabetes.

Can Individuals with Diabetes Get Long Term Care Insurance?

We receive a lot of inquiries from diabetics wondering if they can qualify for long term care insurance. Usually, the answer is yes. However, each LTC insurance company underwrites diabetes differently.  Some of the factors the LTC insurance underwriter considers are:

Type I Diabetes or Type II Diabetes

Individuals with Type I Diabetes stop producing the insulin needed to maintain a normal blood glucose level. 

Alternatively, those with Type II Diabetes have the ability to produce insulin, but the body becomes resistant and less efficient at moving sugar out of the bloodstream.

All long term care insurance underwriters will approve Type II Diabetics for coverage.

Type I Diabetics can receive approvals, but the number of LTC insurance underwriters that will consider Type I Diabetics is limited.

Diabetes Controlled with Oral Medication or with Insulin

If you are diagnosed with diabetes, your doctor may prescribe oral medication for you such as Glucophage or Metformin to control your blood glucose levels. Alternatively, daily insulin therapy may be needed.

Long term care insurance underwriters are almost always comfortable with diabetes well controlled by diet, exercise and oral medication. 

Many underwriters will not accept applications from insulin dependent diabetics. 

However, a number of long term care insurance companies will offer coverage to applicants prescribed insulin therapy. 

The key to getting approved is to use less than 50 units of insulin per day; and your A1C must be 8.0 or lower.

Other Co-Morbid Factors to Consider with Diabetes

LTC insurance underwriters also consider a number of other factors to determine approval for diabetics.

What is the A1C? Are there any diabetic complications such as neuropathy or retinopathy? Is there tobacco use?  Is the applicant overweight?  Are there any underlying co-morbid conditions such as cardiac disease; or a history of TIA or Stroke?  If co-morbid conditions exist such as retinopathy or neuropathy or nephropathy, your application will probably be declined.

Getting Approved for Long Term Care Insurance with Diabetes

If you have pre-existing health conditions such as diabetes it is very important for you to work with an independent and experienced long term care insurance agent that can submit your application to the right companies so that you will be approved.

Most often, we will obtain for our diabetic clients approvals for long term care insurance at regular Standard rates available for most healthy individuals.  

We represent the top-rated long term care insurance companies such as Mutual of Omaha, OneAmerica, National Guardian, Brighthouse, Nationwide, Securian, State Life, Lincoln Financial Group and more.  We will help you shop for coverage, and get your application approved with a highly rated company.  For a free long term care insurance quote or to apply for coverage please call us toll free at 800-891-5824.  We look forward to assisting you.

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