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Long Term Care Blog

Affordable Long Term Care Insurance

| Jack Lenenberg

The Trend to Limited Duration Long Term Care Benefit Periods

Individuals who purchased long-term care insurance protection in 2010 continued to favor limited duration policies according to research by the American Association for Long Term Care...

Life Changes & Long Term Care

| Jack Lenenberg

CNBC recently released a special report entitled “Life Changes” to help its readers navigate important financial issues related to marriage, parenthood, divorce, and long term care. The report recognizes that the big events in our lives often...

Long Term Care Insurance Class is in Session

| Jack Lenenberg

One of Ted Kennedy’s final acts as US Senator was to try to make long term care insurance affordable for most Americans.

Working on the Class Act for almost 10 years, Ted Kennedy finally succeeded when the Community Living Assistance Services and...

Long Term Care Insurance Partnership Plans to the Rescue

| Jack Lenenberg

What would happen financially to your spouse or your partner if financially if you were to require long term care?
Medicare and private health insurance do not pay for long term care. And Medicaid requires you to spend down to $2000 in assets to...